All Father's premieres

Father is finished and we can now celebrate at the world, Croatian and international premiere!

Short animated documentary film Father (2012) is a great example of a good neighbor’s collaboration: It is a Bulgarian, Croatian and German co-production, screenplay advisor was a famous British animator Phil Mulloy, and besides the Bulgarian director Ivan Bogdanov who was in charge of the overall direction and supervision, film’s five chapters were directed by the artists from all over the Europe - Moritz Mayerhofer from Germany, Asparuh Petrov and Rositsa Raleva from Bulgaria, Dmitry Yagodin from Russia, and Veljko Popović from Croatia.

Father features five parallel realities in which the impossible dialogues between a child and a father would take place. Film is based on the authentic experiences of several young people - interviewed by Diana Ivanova – and then put together in an animated documentary story by five very different and unique animation directors.

Father was produced by Compote Collective in co-production with Bonobostudio and Eyecatch Productions, and supported by Robert Bosch Foundation, Croatian Audiovisual Centre and Bulgarian National Film Centre.

World premiere of Father will take place March 11th at the Sofia International Film Festival, in the Jameson Short Film Award Programme dedicated to new Bulgarian short films, the Croatian premiere is scheduled for 24/25th of March at the Festival of Croatian Animated Film in Zagreb’s Kino Europa, followed by the screening in competition of the International Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart (May 8-13). We have another reason to celebrate in Stuttgart - Dove sei, amor mio by Veljko Popovic has been selected for the festival's Panorama programme.

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