Father Wins the Robert Bosch Stiftung Co-Production Prize

Father, an animation-documentary project with Bonobostudio being one of the co-producers won the Robert Bosch Stiftung Co-Production Prize at the Go East Film Festival in Wiesbaden held between 21st and 27th April 2010.

Father is a project initiated by the Bulgarian production company Compote Collective, in coproduction with Eyecatch Productions from Germany and Bonobostudio that will be finnished until mid 2011. The film talks in dramatic yet humourous  way about the relationship between father and child during a period of drastic change and major social transition. Five interviews are documented and used as original source for the film screenplay. Five animation directors from different countries - Asparuh Petrov (Bulgaria), Dim Yagodin (Russia), Moritz Mayerhofer (Germany), Rosita Raleva (Bulgaria) i Veljko Popovic (Croatia) - are invited to interpret one story.

The Robert Bosch Stiftung Co-Production Prize is aimed at fostering cooperation between young film makers from Germany and Eastern Europe. Every year, three film projects are selected and awarded with up to 70 000 Euro. The other two winners this year, apart from Father, are the Moldovan-German short film Panihida and the Kazakh-German documentary Seatomorrow.

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