Heeeere's Croatia!

Bonobostudio takes part in ambitious project Croatie, la voici! (Here is Croatia!) bringing Croatian culture to France from September to December 2012.

Croatie, la voici! is an ambitious cooperation between Croatia and France, guided by the common idea: Croatia will join the EU next year and its culture is not well known. Therefore, architecture, design, comics, music, dance, sculpture, painting… film… animated film. The presentation of Croatian film has been handled by Croatian Audiovisual Center, the co-ordinator between French requests and Croatian quality.

Many experimental films will be shown in the next months (some of them in few fantastic programmes at Center Pompidou), lots of features and documentaries as well, but Croatia is also known for its animation. Animated films will be presented in many special programmes all over France; from archival programmes, such as the retrospective of Zagreb School of Animated Film, through a showcase of animation for children, to contemporary artistic animations still doing their festival circuits.

The collaboration with French Short Film Agency brought a programme of contemporary animated film La Croatie s'anime! which will be presented at the French national festival La fete du cinema d'animation on the 18th of October 2012 followed by a tour all over France. The premiere will take place at the Public Information Library at Centre Pompidou where two master-classes are expected: one by Veljko Popović and the other by Marko Meštrović. Bonobostudio is represented by two films in the programme: Dove sei, amor mio by Veljko Popović and Father by Ivan Bogdanov and the group of authors. 

The rich heritage of Croatian experimental film will be presented in Centre Pompidou from 12th until 17th of October. One of the programmes celebrates the satiric style, humour and grotesque in filmmaking, and Ana Hušman's Lunch will be a part of it, along with films by masters like Kristl, Babaja and Kobia. Well deserved, Ana! 

Let us also mention last weekend’s presentation of Ana Hušman and Vladislav Knežević (in person) accompanied with screening of their films Football, Lunch, Archeo 29 and reLocated at the Rencontres cinématographiques de Cerbère-Portbou, as well as the broadcast of Dove sei, amor mio on the 9th of October on Arte TV.

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